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Covid-19 Response

Online Enrollment Process

  • Based on government & health recommendations, all of TSPA’s paperwork will be handled CONTACTLESS -  through the Regpack Enrollment system, or email.

  • The enrollment process must be completed PRIOR to the first day of class.

  • Each student will need to have the following completed steps:

    • TSPA Registration Form

    • Liability & Indemnity Release Form 

    • Parent & Student Agreement Form

What to Bring / Wear

  • Students should arrive at QT dressed in what they will be wearing for rehearsal.  We want to avoid crowded changing areas or dressing rooms - students arriving onsite ALREADY DRESSED and prepared for their class will help us do this.  Additionally, since our class sessions are shorter than other times, this maximizes classroom time.

  • Students are asked to bring ONLY what they absolutely need into the building with them.  We will not be using cubbies, to avoid crowding and unnecessary shared surfaces.

  • Students should have with them:

    • WATER BOTTLE with a unique design or their name written on it.  We will NOT be using the water coolers this summer - as a health precaution.  We will have small individual water bottles available in the case of any student forgetting their water or running out.

    • Dancers - bring any shoes you will need in ONE bag.

    • We will be avoiding meal breaks as a health precaution. We ask that students bring food only if it is required based on medical/dietary background.

  • FACE MASKS - students will always be required to wear their face mask when entering and exiting the building.  Outside of that, our guidelines are:

    • Theater Students will be able to remove their mask once class has begun, as directed by their instructor. We will be maintaining social distance within our theater classes, and primarily focusing on acting (less singing & intense physical instruction).

    • Any theater students who PREFER to keep their mask on during class are welcome to do so! It might be challenging to work on some scene work or acting exercises, but we will figure it out!

    • Due to the heightened respiratory nature of Dance Classes, our dancers are required to wear their mask for the ENTIRETY of their time dancing in the studio.  Students will be allowed a frequent opportunity to step outside of the studio - find a spot at a social distance, and take their mask off! They are only required to wear it while actively engaged in choreography or dance instruction.  


Drop Off / Check In 

  • Parents dropping off and picking up should make a SINGLE LINE of cars.

  • Students should stay inside their car until they are under the awning at the front doors. No student should jump out or start to head into the building until they are the first car in line.

  • Once under the awning, students should have on a FACE MASK on until they are otherwise instructed by their instructor in their classroom. Staff will practice this measure as well!

  • Parents are required to wait at drop off until their student has been given the GREEN LIGHT for their Temperature Screening

    • All students will have their temperature screened by TSPA staff with a No-Touch Thermometer.  No student with a temperature above 99.6 degrees Fahrenheit will be admitted to class.

    • If a student has a temperature that is within .5 degrees of the screening limit (we know sometimes kids just get hot from running around, and it’s summer in Houston) they will be able to get back in the car, drive to the back of the carpool line, and retest in another 10 minutes.

  • Students will be directed to their classroom for the day.  Each group of students will remain in ONE classroom area for the duration of their class. 

  • DROP OFF & PICK UP TIMES for each class will be a strictly observed 15-20 minute window - to ensure that our staff is able to maintain their schedule, and have adequate time for all the other practices we have in place to clean the facility and observe the guidelines in place for the number of students in each area throughout the day.  

  • IN CASE OF EMERGENCY -  a doorbell has been installed at QT’s front doors, and parents will be able to enter the building after temperature screening and with a face mask.

Classroom & Facility Protocol

  • Queensbury will be deep cleaned & sanitized prior to the beginning of our summer onsite programming, cleaning every area of the building, wiping down and sanitizing every room in the building and spraying a sealant on all soft/fabric furniture.

  • Each rehearsal area will be wiped down and sanitized before the start of every class - and throughout the day, between sessions.

  • QT’s lobby, restrooms, and any other shared areas will be cleaned several times daily by our staff - and cleaned and “reset” to standards before each new group of students enters the building.

  • HVAC is being inspected to ensure that our airflow is optimal.

  • Sanitizer stations will be spread throughout the building.

  • Social Distancing will be observed in theater classes whenever possible.  

    • Broadway Baby students will be spaced out on the QT mainstage, and given “home base” areas to sit or work in whenever possible

    • Dance Studio will be marked out for distancing - markers will be placed on both the floor and the ballet bar.

  • Students will be divided into small class sessions and will spend the week(s) of their class with a consistent group of staffers and classmates, and in the same rehearsal area.

  • Restroom breaks will be spread out and rotated throughout the class period.

  • No student will be admitted or allowed to continue in class if they are exhibiting any of the symptoms related to COVID19 or Kawasaki Disease, including:

    • Cough

    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

    • Chills /  Repeated shaking with chills

    • Muscle pain

    • Headache

    • Sore throat

    • Loss of taste or smell

    • Abdominal Pain / Diarrhea

    • Red or Irritable eyes

    • Rash

Staff Protocol

  • All staff will be temperature screened at the beginning of each shift.

  • No staff will be allowed onsite if exhibiting any of the COVID19 related symptoms.

  • Staff will wear masks when students are entering or exiting the building - and in all common areas.

  • All staff will go through a Training & Orientation process prior to the beginning of summer sessions.  Training & Orientation will include:

    • Understanding all symptoms related to COVID19 and Kawasaki Disease.

    • Understanding of Best Practices for classroom routines and instruction during our current circumstances - observing social distancing, holding students accountable to health & safety guidelines.

    • Cleaning & Disinfecting Protocol required before class, during class, and after class. 

    • Signed agreement forms (like those of parents & students) acknowledging that neither they nor any family member have experienced any symptoms of COVID19.




All protocol has been carefully researched and considered. Our parameters are based on:

  • Legal Guidelines established by Texas “Reopening” Procedure - these include some Non-Negotiable requirements for any onsite Summer Camps. (Gov.Tx)

  • Instruction Standards set by the Texas Education Agency (TEA)

  • Best Practices as recommended by the Center for Disease Control and local & national health experts.

Links have been provided below for any parent or student wanting to better understand these sources.

Texas Education Agency


Texas - Governor’s Reopening Strike Force


Center for Disease Control

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