Kristina, Bethany, Jacqueline, and all the TSPA instructors feel it is so important to use every resource possible to stay engaged with all of you, and to continue working on our Spring 2020 Productions.  We plan to continue doing everything we can to make these shows a reality!  We will be sending out rehearsal materials, schedules, and virtual meeting links in the next few days as we prepare to transition all rehearsals and classes to online for now.  We do NOT want to cancel the semester, or our productions, and we plan to move forward and dance and sing together however we can!!

A Google Classroom has been set up for most classes, including dance and theatre.  You should be receiving those links soon via email, or by the class code.  All online rehearsals and meetings will be held via ZOOM.  The link for the meetings/rehearsals will be posted on your google classroom, so just keep an eye on that for all links, messages, updates, etc!   If you haven’t used ZOOM before, you may want to explore and get a feel for it!  Make sure you have a space ready where you can work in your home, and if you are dancing, try to arrange your camera so your body is fully visible.
Here is a live google doc called TSPA VIRTUAL RESOURCE sheet.  We will be updating this sheet as much as we can with any online resources that may become available, including dance/voice/acting instructors either giving a free streamed class, or offering coaching/private instruction virtually for students. 
Here is the link to that:

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