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In the past near decade of offering programming - and in the midst of a city like Houston, with so many amazing companies and opportunities for artists of all stripes - a special area of aspiration for us has been to find a way to bridge those two components, and offer consistent opportunity for emerging young professionals. This is the catalyst for QT's new performance division, "The Bridge," with a mission to showcase Houston's young professionals.
In our initial "Bridge" performance, our plan is to incorporate two casts of actors - one slightly younger than the other. Each cast will be assigned 4 performances - with a few roles (primarily those in the "adult" or ensemble tracks) asked to play in 8 performances.  Both casts will work together over the 2 weeks of rehearsals.
Our hope is that this process will not only better highlight the range of talent and artistry in the wings of this city, but also allow generational sharing in a way that isn't always allowed in the story we'll tell.

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