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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What programs do TSPA offer?

TSPA has 2 divisions of programming – THEATRE and DANCE.


Production classes are intended for students who already have a strong foundation in voice, acting, and theatrical movement and are ready for a full production process, including casting, memorization, character analysis, choreography recall, singing in parts, etc. Students audition either on a scheduled day before the semester, or on the first day of class.  Following, the show is cast by the instructors, and students are expected to fully memorize their lines, vocal parts, and choreography independently.  Rehearsal is conducted during class time, and with additional rehearsals at the instructor’s discretion.  The production is scheduled for sometime at the end of the semester on Queensbury’s Main Stage, with each student guaranteed a minimum of 2 performances.

THEATRE classes are offered for students ages 8 (2nd grade) through High School (and a collegiate summer stock program).


Dance classes are offered for students ages 3 (Pre-K) through High School. Dance classes are open enrollment, with the exception of Junior Company, Senior Company, and Pointe. 

Junior and Senior Companies are TSPA’s pre-professional contemporary dance companies that rehearse a minimum of once a week and perform multiple works in the Dance Concert.  Acceptance is through audition-only, and students are expected to maintain a high level of self-discipline, a strong work ethic, and should be prepared to learn challenging choreography at an accelerated pace.

The other styles the TSPA Dance Department offers are Ballet (Vaganova Technique), Tap and Jazz in our “Theatre Combo” classes, Modern (Horton Technique), and Hip-Hop.  See our current schedule for class times, age levels, etc.

All DANCE CLASSES, with the exception of PRE BALLET, perform in the DANCE CONCERT at the end of each semester.  Throughout the semester, students build technique in the specified genre, and then demonstrate this technique within brief choreographed pieces on Queensbury’s Main Stage.  

PRE BALLET students present a STUDIO DEMONSTRATION at the end of each semester.  Parents, family, and friends are all invited into the studio to observe the final pre ballet class of the semester and to enjoy refreshments and photo

opportunities after.

Q: When does registration usually open?
Spring Semester: Early October
Summer Semester: Late February
Fall Semester: Late May


Q: Where can I find UPCOMING information about specific classes?

Information regarding classes, registration, weekly updates, and more is generally posted on 3 different platforms:
   Weekly Newsletter

Once your student is registered for a specific class, staff and instructors will generally communicate VIA EMAIL.  Please make sure we are marked as safe senders, and let us know if you would like to provide multiple email addresses.


Q: Who do I contact with certain questions?

For GENERAL inquiries, scholarship information, and registration questions, please contact EDUCATION@QUEENSBURYTHEATRE.ORG

One of our staff members will respond as soon as possible.


If your student is registered for a THEATRE class and you have a question, contact



If your students is registered for a DANCE class and you have a question, contact



If your student is in a production class, and you have a question regarding schedules, rehearsal videos, or any production-related inquiries, please contact the class’s PRODUCTION STAGE MANAGER.  Generally, this will be Ana Martinez


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