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Queensbury Theatre is proud to have presented beautiful theatrical work to the Houston community since it opened in 2015. Nominated for multiple Houston Press awards, Queensbury Theatre seeks to produce meaningful work using the incredible professional talent Houston has to offer.   But like many arts organizations around the globe, the events of 2020-21 had an impact on Queensbury Theatre's ability to offer professional theatrical programming.


All theaters rely heavily on philanthropy to support their performing arts missions, and the Tribble School at Queensbury relies on donations to fund 20-25% of the educational program. This works well because much of the cost of classroom instruction and student productions, concerts and recitals is covered by tuition (which is paid up front).  Professional entertainment requires a greater degree of philanthropic underwriting, both in percentage and absolute terms. Theaters similar to Queensbury around the city provide examples of the level of support required, and the ticket sales that result.  


With sufficient underwriting to resume professional productions, Queensbury can stage entertainment that will re engage its community and audience.  Our plans for the 23/24 season include a Holiday Musical in the winter, a Jukebox Musical in the spring, and a Reimagined Family Classic Musical in the summer.

Your donation can help make those plans a reality!


All donations made to this campaign are 100% tax deductible, and donors will receive recognition in all programs. Corporate sponsors will receive recognition in all marketing materials, curtain speeches, and more. Click the link below and help us bring professional theatre back to our community.


Producers Club

Kenneth Burke

Ronald Jones

Nancy Martin

Ed Peine

Harvey & Mary Beth Cody

Jay & Charlotte Tribble

Mike & Alison Stewart

Spencer & Alison Creed

Raise The Curtain Donors

Bonnie Van Hook

Carol Mahoney

Patsy Andrews

Barbara Hammer

Missy Jackson

Sue Sheffman

Sharon Brier

Steve & Kathy Dillard

Joshua Van Maele

Andy & Cheri Fossler

Toni Meason

Milt & Jill Rose

Rick & Barbie Martinez

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